Saturday December 15th there was an accident on a job site that took his life. We are all shocked that it happened. We appreciate everyone that has called, texted, came by and have contacted us through Facebook. For anyone that would like to come show your respects the arrangements are as followed:

Wednesday December 19th at 6pm there will be a public viewing at Pines Funeral Home(formally known as Frye & Prickett) in Carthage

Thursday December 20th at 2pm there will be a funeral service on our show grounds in the International Harvester building









  • Admission this year is $10.00 a day, $15.00 for 2 days, $25.00 for a 3 day pass. Please wear your bands. There will be no drop off and then park. Please park and if you need help getting to the gate, someone can pick up and take you through the gate.
  • NOTE: There is an admission fee at the gate EVEN if you are just coming for the auctions. Please do not give the people at the gate a hard time they are volunteers and just doing their jobs!


Important Information:

  • Golf carts are for staff and handicap only, please. We will not be renting them out this year. If you need one please call Carolina Carriage (910-295-0574) and make arrangements to rent one. There are a limited amount of carts available. We will have a table set up and someone manning the table to help you get your golf cart signed out. We are not responsible for any accidents involving golf carts.
  • There is no camping in the field so please don’t ask. We will have a limited amount of area for camping but we let those working and showing have first chance at them. The camping is self-contained only.
  • C&A Auction- If you love antiques, this is the auction to attend! They have been with us since our second show and we have been going to their auction house for years. Some of our most unique antiques have come from their sales. They are the best for having unique and good quality items. So if you are looking for something different you don’t want to miss this auction! Carson also takes consignments and is ready to list them for you. He’ll be here Friday with his crew setting up and can help you with anything you need. His information is Carson 336-824-8844 (
  • Tractor Pull-OTTPA, Inc will be the host. Jim Bingham is in charge of that. Come sign up and give it a try. If nothing else, come to watch. And we can’t have a tractor show without tractor games, so look for those too!